Unexplored Colombia

A different type of trip, for a different type of woman

Still relatively untouched by tourism and mass market, Colombia is a place for authenticity-seekers to unleash their inner explorer. The birthplace of Magic Realism, indigenous cultures, artisan crafts, deserts, mountains, jungles and colonial architecture, and with an “of the land and sky” identity, Colombia has the alchemy for magic, delight, awe, discovery and deep reconnection.

We worked with anthropologists to put together a transformative trip which takes you to into the soul of Colombia and its indigenous people.  Our guide Carolina will take us to some of her favourite regions around Colombia. Fun fact: Carolina worked as an ethnographer, travelling to some of remotest areas in Colombia that haven’t been hit by conflict or drug trafficking. She supported local artisans, fishermen and cultures, ensuing they are represented and protected as part of Colombian heritage. It’s safe to say Carolina knows her stuff and we we’re in for a truly in-depth and immersive experience!

Who's this trip is for


We travel off-the-beaten-path to beautiful and breath-taking places



Real connection with each other and the communities we meet


Inspirational stories, local culture, heritage crafts, and discovery

Conscious Travelers

Supporting local economies, artisans  and women lead businesses.










You’ll explore Colombia with a group of women who’ll hike, laugh, support, dance and chop wood with you (if it comes to that!). We are here for adventure, connection and making a best-friend or two while witnessing the world anew.

Together we’ll learn about medicinal plants, bird watching among wild fauna and snow-capped peaks (Colombia is the #1 country for bird species in the world) with a local Wayuu woman guide, weave mochilas with indigenous women, sleep under the stars in a hammock, receive healing from a Kogi shaman, listen to  stories, myths, life experiences and childhood memories by the fire. We’ll explore the “African corner” of Colombia with the Palanque women who teach us their Caribbean heritage, the secrets to their hair braids and their musical identity.  

Get ready for extraordinary beaches, marshes and forests – and the perfect combination of ancestral wisdom, outstanding artisans, knowledge-transmission, deep awe as we have real interactions and become absorbers of tradition, culture and wisdom.


Settle into your beachfront accommodation

Arrive to Palomino where you have the day to relax, slip off your shoes and dip your toes into the Caribbean water . Welcome to Colombia.
Meet women from the Kogi tribe and recive a sacred healing

Be transported to jungle life, to when the Indigenous Tayrona tribe inhabited the area. Explore Tyronaka, the miniature Lost City, experience traditional recipes, weave bracelets and mochilas with the Kogi women, receive a healing from a Kogi shaman and end the day floating down the Don Diego river watching the world go by!
Medicinal plants, wildlife and flamingos

Observe beautiful bird species in a country that’s number one in the world for its diversity, while learning about the uses of medicinal plants grown naturally in the area with interesting ancestral stories and fables with our local Wayuu guide. We then travel to the Camarones boarding our rustic boat as we sale towards a beautiful flamboyance of flamingos.
An immersive day with the women of the Wayuu community

Today we have the great privilege of meeting the local Wayuu indigenous community and sample a typical day in their lives. Vanessa (head of the Rancheria) will share stories, teach us about her culture and livelihood. We'll learn how to weave mochilas, hammocks and bracelets. Learn traditional dances and eat specially prepared food. We sleep under the starts in hammocks after she shares stories and life experiences, childhood memories and heritage secrets around an open log fire.
Day of swimming, relaxation - you choose

Arriving back to Palmino, we have the rest of the day to enjoy the hotel's private beach, swim in the sea, relax on a sunbed, the day is yours until we meet late afternoon for a beautiful cacao ceremony followed by dinner watching one of the Caribbean's famous sunsets.
A Colombian national park

You’ll leave one paradise for another as we make our way to Cartagena, a 6-hour voyage broken up by visiting the extraordinary Isla de Salamanca National Park that connects the cities of Santa Marta and Barranquilla. Lakes, beaches, mangroves, estuaries and stunning views is the perfect reason to stop, meet with the local clam collecting ladies who will accompany us by boat and take us to lunch before we arrive at hotel in Cartagena.
Drumming workshop with local women

La Boquilla is an afro descendant fishermen village and for more than 200 years they continue in a heroic struggle of cultural resistance to preserve their ancestral traditions, where drums play a leading role. Today we have the unique opportunity to connect with the typical rhythms of Afro Colombian folk music such as Cumbia, Mapalé and Champeta, through by playing these traditional drums.
The African corner and the Colombian Caribbean musical identity at San Basilio de Palenque

One of the first Spanish colony-free towns, the African corner is steeped in haunting history. Meet grandmothers, mothers, daughters, generations of families who share stories from the secret of hair braiding, the history of the colourful (in personality and in dress) Palenquera women and enjoy a typical cookery lesson for lunch.
Leisure day

Take the day to explore the colourful cobbled streets of Cartagena with our recommendations of places to go. This evening we’ll close our trip at a local women owned restaurant as we celebrate, laugh and reflect on our beautiful experiences.
Departure Day

Take the morning to relax until it’s time to say your farewells to this amazing Colombian coastline.



Carolina Serrano

As I was working on my thesis, I had a chance meeting that changed the course of my life. I met a tour guide at a restaurant who was leaving Colombia. After a few beers, she thought I would be perfect to replace her! Weeks later I was on a plane to Peru for training. But it wasn’t the right time. The lady didn’t leave the company and I went to work in an NGO as an ethnographer. There, I travelled to some of the remotest areas in Colombia that haven’t been hit by conflict or drug trafficking. I worked with local artisans and fishermen to make the culture an official part of the Colombian heritage – we succeeded as they are now part of the UNESCO list!

After this achievement, came the opportunity to become a tour guide again. The timing was perfect. I was more knowledgeable about cultures in Colombia, and I was clear about my stand around the exploitation of the local people and desire to help.

Today, as well as being a tour guide, I live by the mountains and learn about applied anthropology and how it can be used in tourism. It’s funny – I would never have become a tour guide if it weren’t for that chance encounter.


My name Pal means a person who brings peace. I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. I studied law but changed to history and anthropology where my passion lies.

In 2011 I moved to the biggest coal mine area in the world and became a social studies teacher for a reputed school in Colombia. While I was there, we created a program to help 16 local communities to engage in markets that aren’t dependent on mining. When our work gained attention, I started working in a museum to highlight the project. But due to corruption, the money for the museum went into politicians’ pockets. I quit and became a university anthropology teacher and started a travel community to continue helping locals create their own independent living. One of the most important leaders in Colombian Tourism saw that I was helping locals without taking advantage of them. “Help all the locals here and we will help you with your company”. He united all the projects that he thought were important to rescue for sustainable and community tourism in Colombia.

Today, I am a tour guide and a social entrepreneur.



  • Group arrival & departure airport transfers
  • 9 Nights accommodation (twin occupancy)
  • Single supplement available
  • 10 Breakfasts / 6 Lunches / 4 Dinners
  • All workshops
  • Ground transportation
  • Local guides
  • Entry fees & tickets to activities


  • Transportation to/from Colombia
  • Any visas required
  • Services not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Early check in nor late check out at hotels
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Tips for leader, guides and drivers
  • Expenditure of personal nature
  • Travel & medical Insurance
  • Optional activities


£ 3400

9 Nights / 10 Days

Single Supplement (not available on day 4)

£ 750

Departure Dates

August 26th – September 4th, 2023