Sia Mondo Collection

My love for beautiful and unusual things started as a young child by the many au pair girls who looked after me. Each would arrive with a special gift, mostly unusual, traditional and some were even handmade. I loved these gifts, each from a different place in the world, unique and with its own story. In fact, the stories behind each gift were just as precious as the gift itself.

When I had the idea to create Sia Mondo Escapes, I knew I also wanted to include a shop of unique worldly treasures inspired by my travelling and by the many female artisans I have met.  Not being able to travel for a year I have collaborated with women who have the same ethics as myself; Veronica Franco Velez, owner of Tigre de Salon and Natalia Sanchez, owner of Bamboleira.

Sia Mondo Collection are sustainable and ethical fashion accessories made by indigenous women, women who keep their traditional knowledge alive, and who embody their dreams, desires and aspirations into each piece of fabric.

Our beautiful timeless jewellery and accessories are handmade using cultural and traditional methods born from the artisan’s indigenous roots. Everything is ethically and sustainably produced, and each item sold puts money back into the artisan’s community and keeps the ancestral traditions alive.

Our accessories highlight the value of ancient handmade and heartmade crafts. Each has its own story, journey and secret woven into the fabric. We believe in the beauty of individuality and the simplicity of nature.