I went “prepared” by Priya Liaudet

I’m a culture addict and love cities such as Rome and Istanbul to soak up the history, but my husband’s favourite place in the world is the jungle and he was desperate to take me to Borneo.
“Let’s give it a try!” I said, even though I’m not great with bugs.

I went prepared… long mosquito shirts with collars up to the top of my neck and buttoned wrists, trousers with tight ankles, boots, special socks, and almost every repellent on the shelf in my local pharmacy!

We moved from city too dense jungles, with a special invitation to the Danum Valley conservation area – which happened to be leach season!

We spent 3 days tracking amazing animals in the heat and humidity, sometimes with no path to be seen, with leaches in every direction. Leaches can’t see, but they can sense a good feast that’s for sure. I was the chief leach spotter and with my special jungle wear, I knew I’d be fine. Not the case! I hadn’t accounted for the aerated holes in my trouser pockets. You need to use your imagination a bit here, but one leach squeezed through the hole and parked itself at the edge of my knicker lining……after a few (or maybe a lot) panic moments, it was found at the heal of my sock…phew!!!

Borneo is a magical place. Trekking through the jungle for Pygmy elephants and coming across a wild Orangutang and its baby is an experience I’ll never forget and worth all the creepy crawlies.

Pryia Gill-Lauidet, Divorce & Family Lawyer at wwwfamilylawyerlondon.co.uk