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Some of the best travel moments are when you venture inland. It’s where the real magic happens. And that’s what travelling is all about!

It’s not about ticking off the bucket-list. It’s about travelling slower and deeper, embracing your surroundings, meeting indigenous women and female artisans, immersing yourself in the culture, and coming away with a collection of stories.

This is the core of Sia Mondo.  We go deep.  We travel slow. We cook, we weave, make clay pots and prepare plants for natural dyeing with the local women. 

We embrace culture, lost traditions and we welcome the women who are silently making our planet a better place.


Unexplored Colombia

Working with anthropologists, we have a transformative trip which takes you to into the soul of Colombia and its beautiful people.

Weave bags, hats and baskets with indigenous women whilst listening to their stories, myths and childhood memories. Curl your toes in some of most gorgeous white sands, hike through jungles and forests.

Become absorbers of tradition, culture and wisdom on this amazing experience whilst witnessing the world anew.

The Magic of Peru

From vibrant cities to amazing natural wonders, you’ll be in awe with the magic Peru can bring you.

From the energetic city of Lima with its hip hangouts and local artists, the charismatic city of Cusco city steeped in Incan history, the wonders of Machu Picchu and the lush green Sacred Valley with its fertile lands.

Let the Amazon jungle memorise you with its tropical plants, exotic birds and wildlife as you walk high across the web of canopies with its breathtaking views witnessing a private display from the nocturnal animals as they come out to play.

Indigenous Crafts of Mexico

Welcome to Oaxaca, a truly magical city with a vibrant indigenous culture, diverse natural landscapes, colourful markets, cobblestone streets filled with art galleries, ceramics and fashion designers, combined  with a special energy that seems to captivate you as soon as you arrive.

We’ll stand in awe at the famous Hierve el Agua, connect with traditional weavers, potters and cooks who welcome us into their homes revealing ancestral stories that feed your soul and fill you with the spiritual energy that embodies Oaxaca. 

In to The Heart Of Morocco


In this 8-day experience, we take you into the heart of Morocco filled with beautiful landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see.  We’ll meet female artisans,  visit Berber communities, and local marketplaces whilst we are welcomed by a magical array of vibrant colours and dazzling scents of fresh mint tea & orange blossom

 This isn’t your average trip – you will be transported into the local women’s lives. They’ll share stories and their skills with you as we learn, experience, and walk away with a whole new perspective.  

We embrace tradition, progress and a pure adventure that’s guaranteed to enrich your spirit.

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