The high of Discovery by Amanda Blum

I was a typical north London kid. I used to ride my bike up and down my neighbourhood – to the park, to get ice-cream, to where my friends lived. It was all I knew. So, when my parents took me to the Philippines, it blew my imagination wide open. To a 10-year-old kid, they took me to some magical land where there’s BBQs on every corner, people speak loudly and roar with laugher.

Strangers waved excitedly from across the road and whizzed by in tricycles (of all things!) that looked like they were strung together with duck-tape. I begged my parents to let me stand at the back of a jeepney to hitch a ride like everyone else. I wanted to get dirt smeared on my face and feel the wind in my hair.

“This was the wildland I belonged to” my kid-brain decided.
After that trip, I promised myself I’d live in Asia (I did!) and that I’d travel the world to see what other adventures awaited me. To this day, my favourite high is the high of discovery.

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