Welcome To Sia Mondo

Our name, Sia Mondo, is a lost language that translates to “Her World”.

 We’re for curious and passionate women who want to travel the world in an entirely different way.

We veer off the tourist path to the heart of a destination and invited to meet indigenous communities, artisans who share their ancestral craft, and heritage keepers who share their stories. We paddle board on sacred lakes, hike to breath-taking views all whilst forming connections with a group same minded women.

The Sia Mondo Way

The most meaningful experiences are rooted in authenticity – that’s why we skip the guide books and the sightseeing to experience the world as a local.

At Sia Mondo, we’re not tourists on the outside looking in but invited into homes like family.

We sit cross-legged on dirt floors, learning to weave baskets… we grind spices while making a traditional meal with local women.

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We meet heritage-keepers and storytellers: artisans, medicine women, winemakers, shamans, mothers, daughters, crafts-women.

We sip from clay bowls and laugh into the night. We hike to breath-taking views and stand in awe of natural beauty. We extend a hand and encourage each other to 

“take just

one more step”. 

We visit obscure places while making life-long friend- ships as we’re reminded what it means to be fully human and fully connected on this glorious planet. 

Did we just become



We are wild-hearted women who seek human connection


We travel off-the-beaten-path to experience new places like a local. 

Personal Growth

We become wiser through stories, culture, heritage and discovery. 

Conscious Travel

We support small, local economies and women- lead businesses. 



The first time I traveled alone I was 15. A friend of mine was working on a kibbutz and asked if I wanted to join her. Two weeks later, I was on a plane to Israel. I can still remember the excitement as I stepped off the plane. I thought I’d just stepped into heaven.

My hunger for travel didn’t stop there – when I was 19, I saw an advert to work for a tour operator and the interview was the same day! Ten days later I had rented out my London apartment and I was sitting on a plane heading to Corfu.

Traveling and living around the globe has changed me.
After seeing how differently women are treated across the world, I became a passionate supporter of women. As we all know, in some places it’s frowned upon for women to work or receive an education. Other countries are baffled by female independence. That’s why something powerful transpires when women support women. When we lift each other up, we create mass empowerment.

I created Sia mondo because I craved traveling in a different way. I was either finding travel groups that were meant for women but not thoughtfully designed to meet our needs, or travel experiences that only touched the surface of a destination. 

I believe we can have it all when we travel!  We can have fun, make memorable experiences and connect deeply with culture  all at the same time.


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