A two day safari in Kenya that triggered a deep desire by Geraldine Morelli

It only took a 2 day safari in Kenya to trigger a deep desire inside of me.
This safari experience made me want to go back to Africa, be closer to the wild animals and follow this new born passion.

Less than a year later I was volunteering in a rehabilitation centre in South Africa. I became a surrogate mother to orphaned baby monkeys, I helped cleaning cages and other numerous tasks and of course, the most rewarding one: releasing rescued primates back to the wild following a long rehabilitation journey at the centre. It was this heartfelt project that opened up a whole new world for me and I knew I had to help.

From my first crowdfunding to fund a release, I went on to create my Charity Wild & Free – Rehabilitation and Release, to support wildlife organisations worldwide to rescue, rehabilitate and successfully release wild animals back to their natural habitat and protect their habitat. To date, Wild & Free has helped 10 organisations (11 species) in 8 countries over 4 continents and I will continue to help wherever I can!

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