For women who want to learn indigineous crafts in remote and magical places.


Our journeys are for women who want to step outside everyday life to go on a life-changing adventure with kindred spirits.

We bring women together to explore lost cities, forgotten cultures, sacred rituals, dense jungles, remote villages, and off-the-beaten-path locations which have the power to shake your soul awake.

We veer off the tourist path to the heart of a destination. From discovering indigenous communities to collaborating with local artisans through workshops and retreats, every experience give you a deeper understanding of the destinations we visit.


The most meaningful experiences are rooted in authenticity – that’s why we skip the guide books and the sightseeing to experience the world as a local.

We support the work of local artisans in the countries we travel to, allowing them to preserve their ancestral traditions, culture, and heritage. 


Endearing travel stories from our wonderful network of explorers and storytellers. Giving you the chance to feel inspired for your next adventure.

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When I started Sia Mondo Escapes, the goal wasn’t only to create soulful travel experiences but to create something bigger. That bigger purpose is to bring together women from all walks of life to share transformational moments that lead to friendships, personal discovery and self-growth.

If you’ve been waiting to travel but don’t want to do it alone, I urge you to take the leap.

Our approach to travel is slow and meaningful.  We dive deep into journeys that pay tribute to global traditions and heritage to provide a deeper understanding of the places we visit and the women we meet. 

Dawn Simone, Founder of Sia Mondo Escapes.

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